Julia lives in North Vancouver but grew up by the ocean in Prince Rupert. She thinks everyone should spend a little time in Northern BC and that any place can be great if it involves beer or bikes. Julia is a sometimes contributor but these days is mostly just a travel companion. Follow her on Instagram.
Rachel lives in Victoria, but grew up in BC’s interior. She’s passionate about road trips, hot springs and weekend getaways. She can usually be found singing karaoke and chasing good food. She will never get tired of visiting Japan. Follow her on Instagram.
Kerria lives in Vancouver. She spends her time trying to impart her love of sarcasm, Ira Glass and fighting the power on her elementary school students. The rest of her time is spent reading in the bath, changing her mind about her thesis, thinking about coffee, holding other people’s babies and prosthelytizing about film photography. Follow her on Instagram.