The Sunshine Coast Trail

The Sunshine Coast Trail stretches 180 kilometres from Saltery Bay to Desolation Sound on the northern section of the Sunshine Coast, and has over a dozen huts for overnight hikers scattered along the route. Over the course of three glorious and sweaty-as summer days my friend and I hiked a tiny loop of the trail, from Saltery Bay to Fairview Bay to Rainy Day Lake and back. The landscape is beautiful and ranges from ocean to mountain to alpine lake, making for some very challenging (read: steep) sections. There are logging roads connecting to a number of sections of the Sunshine Coast Trail so that hikers can start or finish at different points along the route if they’re so inclined. I’d highly recommend making the trip, if not for the landscape and the adventure then at least to devour a burger at the Snack Shack in Saltery Bay. I still dream about that burger.

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